Our next A.I.R. "Nuts & Bolts" Program takes flight May, 2014.   If you are a startup business, thinking of forming a business, a struggling non-profit, or an entrepreneur who wants to expand or become more efficient, the A.I.R. "Nuts and Bolts" Program is for you.   Click here to see A.I.R. Nuts & Bolts "flight manifest" details and to sign up.

We limit our program size to a maximum of 10 businesses per session - we emphasize hands-on instruction and real business results, not simply academic knowledge. 

A vast majority of businesses have hidden costs due to mis-alignment of key business functions.   We are unique in our focus on aligning the business objectives and operations with marketing, finances, technology, and human resources.   We are experts in these areas, including building an online presence that will enhance sales, overhead expenses, and customer retention.

Success comes from a true online business, with these critical elements...